O-Flow by 3CK: the new era of prefilled syringes

O-Flow by 3CK: the new era of prefilled syringes

3CK is a startup founded in Italy in 2021 for the production of medical devices. 3CK was created by the same founders of Brevetti Angela, leading manufacturer of high technology pharma packaging machinery. From their world-leading experience in production of injection devices and constant research in the manufacturing of prefilled syringes, today 3CK presents O-Flow: a device that finally overcomes the shortcomings of standard syringes like the break loose force and the presence of silicone oil. Let us have a look at the innovation and the advantages of such a revolutionary injection device.

Pioneering solutions for pharmaceutical packaging

To fully understand 3CK, we should first have a look at their founders’ background. For more than 45 years they have been manufacturing primary packaging machinery for pharma with the company Brevetti Angela. Such a long experience generated a development of advanced technologies for the primary packaging of solutions up to Blow Fill Seal technology, for the filling of parenteral solutions in bottles, ampoules and injection devices. For this reason, in 2021 they created 3CK as a start up to design and manufacture innovative medical devices, in order to provide a prefilled syringe that is safe, easy to use and cost-effective to manufacture.

What makes O-Flow so unique?

O-Flow is designed to overcome all the issues that are usually present in prefilled syringes. Its special design particularly eliminates two key points: the presence of silicone oil and the break loose force. O-Flow is composed of a few simple components: a transparent shell with luer connector, a membrane, a plastic body and plunger rod. The absence of a normal syringe barrel rules out any need for siliconization and at the same time grants a smooth and effortless administration from the first touch. The liquid only gets in contact with the shell and the membrane, thus allowing a wide choice of polymers for the body of the syringe, which also presents a large and safe printing area. The autodisabling mechanism ensures that the device is single use and reduces any risk of contamination.

What are the advantages in using O-Flow?

This innovative device poses some excellent advantages from many points of view: from quality standards, to manufacturing cost, up to the ease of use.

First, the design is particularly safe for all kinds of formulation. The absence of lubricants makes O-Flow the safest choice by minimizing subvisible particles and allowing for a longer shelf life. Since the product does not get in contact with the body nor the plunger, compatibility is enhanced. The round shell also grants the best geometrical shape to make the least surface area come in contact with the liquid, thus granting the lowest amount of leachables.

Secondly, the cost of each piece is reduced by 30% – normally, a pre-filled plastic syringe has a production cost ranging from 30 to 60 cents, while an O-Flow costs from 10 to 12 cents per unit – compared to usual prefilled syringes. Production is also scalable, so the initial investment can be limited. O-Flow is composed of only a few components which can be manufactured with a wide choice of polymers. Sterilization is also made easy: there are no moving parts nor risks of leakage, making autoclaving a safe and quick process.

Thirdly, O-Flow provides an excellent user experience. Its ergonomic design and smooth injection movement make it easy and safe to use. Being it single use and disposable prevents any mistake of over or underfilling and reduces risks of error to a minimum. The possibility to print information on a large area, and to color-code the plunger, adds extra safety to the user experience.


  1. What are the possible volumes and applications?
    O-Flow comes in volumes from 0.5ml up to 20ml. This is of course particularly interesting for pharma applications, where prefilled syringes are widely used. But it is also interesting for cosmetics applications, for example for hyaluronic acid injections or fillers. Larger volumes can also be convenient for veterinary use.
  2. Why should I choose a prefilled syringe?
    Prefilled syringes are one of the fastest and safest ways for parenteral administration. They ensure that patients receive accurate dosage, as there is no need to overfill or underfill the device. This is beneficial both for patients with no medical training who can safely self-inject, and for healthcare professionals who will be sure to reduce any risk of medical errors.
  3. How do I fill O-Flow syringes?
    O-Flow syringes can be aseptically filled by O-Fill equipment: a compact filling machine that grants a high production rate and will be able to fill different products and volumes. Designed and produced by Brevetti Angela, O-Fill machine is developed on the advanced technology granted by the long experience with pharmaceutical primary packaging.


In summary, O-Flow is an innovative medical device that finally overcomes all the weak points of a standard prefilled syringe, particularly two main issues linked to old syringe design: the siliconization of the barrel and the break loose force necessary to activate the device. O-Flow special design has no need of lubricants, allowing an easy and stable flow from the first touch and a smooth movement of the plunger.

The innovative design also poses other advantages: for example, only two parts of the device come in contact with the solution, thus minimizing the risks and allowing for a large printing area which is safe for marking. This also widens the choice of materials and colours for the body of the syringe, which helps in product identification and prevents mistakes. While keeping a standard port for the connection of the needle, the syringe is truly autodisabling, making it an extremely safe injection device. The lack of moving parts is a bonus for production costs and for an easy sterilization as well.

O-Flow syringes have different volumes from 0.5ml to 20ml and are suitable for different applications in pharma, cosmetics or veterinary use.

From a production point of view, O-Flow poses one of the lowest production prices when compared to prefilled syringes that are currently on the market. Its production is also scalable and the initial investment when acquiring also the filling machine is quickly recovered.