Quality and Certifications

Production of SYFPAC® machines takes place entirely in the main factory plant in Arzignano (Italy) according to CE standards and ISO 9001 procedures.

International regulations are followed, together with any specific local requirements where needed.

Brevetti Angela’s specialized technicians and engineers take care of the whole process, from design to commissioning. Every mould is produced in house, built by hand with extreme care that allows sharp precision on every detail. This dedicated and accurate procedure, together with the choice of specific materials, grants a perfect final result and excellent performances which are preserved throughout the years. Electrical and mechanical components in the machines only come from international recognized brands. This guarantees high quality standards for the parts that are not manufactured in house.


Brevetti Angela ISO SYFPAC

Brevetti Angela is certified ISO 9001 since 2004 and complies with the most important international standards:

CE Directives


EU Guidelines to GMP

FDA Guidelines CFR

EHEDG Guidelines

Brevetti Angela holds today 13 patents that apply to the pharmaceutical area, as well as the food, cosmetic and cyanoacrilates sectors.

Registered trademarks are BREVETTI ANGELA®, SYFPAC®, SECUREJECT®


Brevetti Angela’s financial stability is internationally certified. The company has successfully been operating in the market for many years and our small and efficient organization has always been financially sound.


Brevetti Angela intends to pursue the best quality standards in order to satisfy customer requests in full, focusing attention on the dynamics of business processes.

To implement our Quality Policy, management proposes to pursue the following objectives:

  • Sustain the effort in the continuous improvement of the processes, particularly those that directly influence the conformity of the products and of the services that are offered;
  • Implement, through everybody’s contribution, a company-wide administration based on an accurate context analysis and evaluation and management of risks and opportunities, to operate with the sights on prevention and improvement;
  • Spread the Culture of Quality to all company levels through the planning of training and information;
  • Constantly seek the satisfaction of our own customers and the other interested parties, perceiving their needs and expectations in due time;
  • Enact a constant collaboration with our primary good and service suppliers, priceless partners for the reliability of the supplied goods and/or services;
  • Systematically conform to the laws and to every standard which has any impact on the product and on the service offered to the customer, and which has any influence on other affected areas;
  • Constantly pursue the continuous improvement opportunities, in the regards of the Quality, Safety and Environment policies;
  • Locate and handle the system and product nonconformities, through statistical indicators;
  • Operate in the respect of the binding requirements demanded by the laws or by the Customer;

The aforementioned objectives are only reachable through the wholehearted effort of every one of us.