After-Sales Service



SYFPAC® machines have a standard warranty period of 1 year, and are usually shipped together with a standard set of spare parts to cover the first 2 years of use.  

We guarantee availability of spare parts for at least 10 years from purchase and we are proud to be able to send out any part from our warehouse in the shortest time, often within one day from the request. All requests for spare parts are received by our internal staff and are managed from our headquarters in Arzignano.  

Remote assistance can also be provided from our headquarters, for an immediate and secure intervention in any part of the world.  

The maintenance of the machines is condition-based: anomalies, decreasing performances and upcoming failures are easily predicted and avoided before any need for intervention.  

Brevetti Angela’s dedication to a continuous upgrade also means that we are always willing to upgrade any outdated part of an old machine, and to provide a total overhauling of an old or worn-out mould.

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