Mecas Cap Assembling

MECAS is an acronym for “Machine for Eurohead Cap Assembling and Sealing”. Multiple hot-runner injection units and multi-cavity mould allow sealing of caps, limiting line losses and optimizing production.

The containers produced by the BFS machine are hermetically sealed and sterile but they might still need additional closure to facilitate dispensing (caps, rubber disk, connector etc). One of such closure is Euro Cap. The Euro Cap can be automatically assembled, inserted and sealed on the top of the bottles by the MECAS machine. Apart from Euro Cap, many different types of additional closures are available and it is important to choose the right kind of closure as the cost of additional cap and rubber disk could be considerable, and one such time tested alternative is our patented Ecohead Closure.

The MECAS unit enables:
• Assembling the Eurohead Cap from its basic components (basic components are Plastic Caps, and Rubber disk).
• Orientation of the assembly caps in such a way that the injection point of the rubber disk falls away from the parting line (optional). This is an important step because it is difficult to insert the spike in the area where the sealing is located.
• Placing a drop of water for injection on a both the sides of rubber disk (optional).
• Placing the assembled cap onto the plastic bottle.
• Sealing the cap to the bottle by injection moulding. The injected ring of plastic gives a perfect seal and visual indication of sealing. The perfect seal would ensure that liquid from the bottle would not come out even if the spike is removed.

Basic components of the Eurohead cap are the rubber disc and the plastic capsule. For using any other type of cap (e.g. cap with rubber part integrated) or caps with different dimensions, prior agreement is necessary as the standard machine might need modifications. Each unit is custom-built and can be modified to meet special requirements with respect to production capacity, size and shape of the bottle and Eurohead cap.

Mecas Cap Sealing

Distinctive features
1. Facility to place drop of water for injection to ensure that water for injection wets both the sides of rubber disk. The wetting of surface of rubber disk prior to cap sealing facilitates proper sterilisation also of the rubber disk and external surface of bottle head.
2. Orientation of the cap prior to placement so that when the spike is inserted it never penetrates on the parting line of the bottle head.
3. The automatic cap and disk feeder, along with large bins to store caps and rubber disk.
4. Fully automatic functioning with user friendly display and easy to understand setting.
5. Alarm conditions are also displayed stating clearly the cause of machine stoppage or cause of malfunctioning for easy trouble shooting.
6. The sealing of assembled cap with bottle collar is done by injection of hot plastic ring around the junction of cap and bottle collar. This method creates a perfect seal. The sealing is visible so there is visual indication that sealing has taken place.
7. Individual hot-runner injection units, as opposed to a system with multiple-cavity mould, is important feature of this system where by you have complete control over each injection station.
8. The system is runnerless so that there is no waste of plastic during regular production. It also allows a fully automatic operation of the production line.