Handling Cyanoacrylate adhesive is not an easy task because its polymerisation occurs quickly under adverse conditions and in contact with undesired materials. To keep the adhesive in liquid form, adverse atmospheres and contact with undesired material must be avoided.

To package cyanoacrylate adhesive at high speed is even greater challenge, because even a tiny error can result into spillage of cyanoacrylate adhesive in the filling equipment. The adhesive can polymerise very quickly which could lead to disastrous and long break down.

The handling and packaging difficulty has been taken care of in a simple and elegant way allowing a fully automatic packaging of cyanoacrylate adhesive at a speed up to 18.000 units per hour in a fully automatic equipment to make bottles starting from polymer granules, printing of product name and other information on these bottles, filling and sealing them all within one continuous automatic line with reliability of over 99,5%.